Claudia Yaujar-Amaro

Melting Walls and Defining an Identity

Claudia Yaujar-Amaro was born in Tijuana, Mexico. She moved to the United States with her mother and sisters at the age of 12 after her father was killed. She has faced many challenges to keep her family together and to live where she calls home - Wichita. After overcoming deportation, contempt, rejection, she keeps fighting for respect and dignity for her community. She hosts a Weekly Spanish Radio Show on La Raza 99.7 FM and help immigrants to integrate and to be proud of their roots.

Favorite Thing About Wichita:
“Although Wichita still needs to define an identity recognizing all of its members and integrating them, I love its history, the people, the tacos. My favorite place is the Keeper of the Plains.”


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