Michael Neth

EVERYTHING IS BROKEN (and we can fix it!)

Michael Neth has been making art and designing experiences since he was a child. He currently leads product design and development for Callcap.com, helps promote civic hacking as the Project Coordinator for Open Wichita, and occasionally freelances and works on his own get-rich-slow ideas like 54 Hour Game Co. (54hour.com). Mostly, he posts weird things on Twitter and enjoys life with his family — Michelle and Tegan. Eventually there will probably be a blog too.

Favorite Thing About Wichita:
“Wichita is where I grew up and I love the new sense of pride that is developing in the city. It's small enough that anybody who wants to can make a difference and it's big enough for that to matter. Also we have Los Pinos and they have the best chimichangas and salsa in North America.”


Wichitalks at Roxy's

March 30, 2018

Doors at 6. Talks at 7.

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Join us at Roxy's Downtown for an evening of random lightning talks, food, drinks, and to celebrate the ideas of our neighbors!

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Everyone helping to organize Wichitalks volunteers their time. All proceeds help cover the venue costs, video editing, photography, marketing, and miscellaneous event costs that contribute to a successful evening experience.



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